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Considering options for our 20th anniversary

Next year is our 20th anniversary and we'd like to do something out of our "norm". We've gone to Rocky Mountain National Park every year since we were married. So next year we'd like to do something that's "big" (that's subjective, but "big" for us) and something other than Colorado/RMNP. So far our ideas are (in no particular order):

  • Acadia National Park (as its own destination or part of a road trip that hits all sorts of spots)
  • Road trip (to Montreal, Quebec City, Acadia National Park, NY City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago)
  • Or fly to somewhere in the northeast, rent a car and hit many cities, and fly back.
  • Fly to Montreal/Quebec City and focus on that area for our stay.
  • Vacation by rail (Northeast tour or various national parks tours)
  • Road trip to the Pacific Northwest

Considering those options, does anyone have any similar suggestions or advice?

Platte River State Park

Throwback: Thatchtop Mountain with my friends Igloo Ed and Glenn