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Fall photography, colors, weather, and raking leaves

I'd like to say I had the time and motivation, both, this fall to have gotten out more and taken photos. When I had the time, I didn't have the desire. And vice versa. Here are my go-to spots for fall photos - Platte River State Park, Indian Cave State Park, Nebraska City, Redtail Lake SWMA, Swan Creek Reservoir, Wilderness Park, Sunken Garden, and any decent tree in my neighborhood (the photo above is of a tree in our back yard).

I've got a yard full of leaves. I'm not going to sweat that...yet. It's too windy to deal with raking now. And, as you see above, our trees are still holding on to many leaves. While at church today, I kept thinking of cool raking tools I'd like to have. I already have a nice leaf blower that also sucks up the leaves and mulches them in the process. But what I'd like to have is some leaf claws, or a leaf loader system like below...

Where are your favorite fall photography spots? (let me know for sure of any Nebraska spots I may be missing out on) Also, what are your time saving tips or tools you use for fall yard work?

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