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Nebraska outdoors deserves some love

short version: If you're interested in more than just hunting and fishing, regarding Nebraska outdoors, then check out "ExploreNebraska" on twitter, instagram, and facebook. (some day a real website may take shape for it as well)  

Longer version: I'd ran a website for Rocky Mountain National Park for years and wondered back then why Nebraska's beauty wasn't showcased better. I also was disappointed that what was promoted was primarily hunting and/or fishing as far as "outdoor Nebraska" goes. I tried a website and it never gained enough traction to justify its cost. (and the website's success wasn't helped when NGPC skunked me and promoted others....but that's another story for another time) So through the years I've maintained the ExploreNebraska accounts to promote Nebraska beyond hunting and fishing. I also try to help Nebraska photographers get more exposure for their work. 

So if you're interested check out those ExploreNebraska social media accounts. And if you'd like to collaborate on something to get the Explore-Nebraska website going contract me through this site. 

Nicki Minaj and Mad balloon animal skills

Every year we get a real Christmas tree