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Be the coolest on your block with the ICEBOX® Igloo Maker

Don't make lame snow forts. Make perfect igloos! And as a byproduct you'll be the cool parents too. Here's how...buy the ICEBOX® Igloo Maker. My friend "Igloo" Ed Huesers is the inventor, and maker of this fun winter tool. If you've not heard of the ICEBOX®, look into it by clicking here. Order now so you still have time to take advantage of this winter snows. (Also, check out the photos of the igloo we built a few years ago- see bottom of this post)

By the way, I've slept in our igloo overnight once. The windchill was near -30. It was quiet and warm inside (mid-to-upper 30 degrees inside the igloo).

Click here to buy the ICEBOX®.

Throwback: Lake Isabelle (Indian Peaks Wilderness) 2010

Throwback: Lake Isabelle (Indian Peaks Wilderness) 2010

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