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Moose is a lover and a fighter

I've just finished the most adventurous walk around Milford. I brought our 100lb dog, Moose, with me for my walk tonight. Two and a half miles into the walk, as we're walking in the middle of the road along the western edge of town, a ginormous golden retriever came charging out at us. I managed to land a kick on its ribs as it lunged through me to get to Moose. I kicked that dog with everything I had...didn't phase it. Although I think it gave Moose a good opportunity to dominate that dog, and he did it well. I had to kick that dog another time or two to get it to give up. 

Moose made it through it all without a scratch. I tweaked my knee. And once the adrenaline wears off on that other dog, I believe he'll feel every bit of what he earned from us. 




I could use this right about now